Fifteen Seconds Festival 2017

The festival for curious minds challenging the status quo.

Join a global community gathering leaders, creatives and innovators at Europe’s leading conference to network, learn and get inspired.

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A business conference, done differently.

No egos, no agendas, no bullshit. Rather an immersive two-day experience designed for you to grow.


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Leading executives travel south to 
meet, share, discuss in Graz.

New York, Amsterdam, Sydney or Tokyo: Once a year, all roads lead to Graz. We are proud that a remarkable number of leading executives from global brands decided to join our past and upcoming events.

Speakers 2017

Some of the world’s most successful game changers united.

All Speakers

We will announce more than 100 speakers before the festival.

Program 2017

Challenging the commercial future

Which methods and techniques allow us to stand out from thousands of brand messages? What is crucial to advertising that makes a difference? How does the dynamic consumption of content shape tomorrow’s media business? By which means can companies maintain a culture that makes talent willingly strive for the best while finding satisfaction in their jobs? And: Where will new technologies keep on creating potential within an interconnected world? Join 3,000 curious minds reflecting solution approaches and embracing the future.

  • Growth Stage

    Marketing, Sales,

  • Talent Stage

    Leadership, Talent,

  • Media Stage

    Media, Publishing,

  • Tech Stage

    Digital, Disruption,


What to expect

Interdisciplinary content meets effective networking.

Regardless of whether you are an executive or a young professional, a creative or a strategist, a founder or leader: Everyone of the 3000 participants attends to stay on top of what’s hot, to meet their next business partner or client and to connect with like-minded individuals. Our opportunities are designed to facilitate just that.

  • 20 Minutes


    International A-list speakers enter the main stage and tell stories of their success or failure. Brief, focused and twenty minutes short, including an interactive way to ask your questions. Seeking inspiration? We have got you covered.

  • 30 Minutes

    Panel Discussions

    Perspectives from the world's top innovators on tomorrow's topics. Highly respected leaders present their opinions, reveal their ideas and trade barbs with national industry celebrities. Worthwhile discussions on the main stage.

  • 20 Minutes

    Fireside Chats

    Face-to-face conversations, yet everyone can listen when two carefully curated speakers spill their secrets of success. Including ‘ah-ha’-moments and heated dialogues on trending topics on stage.

  • 40 Minutes


    Twice the duration of a keynote, speakers go in-depth with their speech, present and give the audience the chance to participate in a discussion. What’s in it for you? Valuable learnings for your personal or business development.

  • 90 Minutes


    Digging deeper turning words into actions, our workshops are specifically designed and focussed on delivering an interactive, hands-on experience. We do this by limiting each workshop to 30 participants and teaming up with the speaker to maximise your output.

  • 40 Minutes

    Case Studies

    Pitch, Please. We are excited to offer our partnering companies the opportunity to demonstrate their product, service or method to a curious audience and encourage them to give attendees insights and learnings of their challenges.

Experimental Brainstorming

There is a reason it’s called experiment. We go to your limits and beyond, define them all new and see what the moment of surprise holds ready for you. Enter the unknown with someone you don’t know and start working solution-orientated. When the floor beneath your feet goes missing all of a sudden or you are taken off to headspinning heights, your brains will come up with creative answers. Because they will have to.


Networking should be fun. Always. IKEA’s very own ball pit will show you how easily that goes. Prepared cards with a set of questions will do all of the icebreaking for you. A set of questions that might confuse you. You, your opponent or the both of you. And that’s just they way it ought to be, since we are looking to initiate conversations worth remembering. Jump in, meet up and enjoy a good dose of intellectual refreshment.

Speed Dating

Sounds like an amphetamine-induced romance, but it’s nothing like that. Nevertheless, quickness is what counts most here. While sharing thoughts and discussing trends in an all-relaxed atmosphere is an essential part of our festival, this concept heavily relies on speed. No matter if it takes place on the elevator or at the round table: We fuel your synapses with the widest possible range of attractive contacts.

Dinner with a Stranger

On both festival days you will have the possibility to sign up for a good dinner in a selection of Grazian restaurants curated by us. Foursquare? No, let us do the job for you. We are locals who know about the delightful treasure of delicacies our city has to offer and enjoy them quite often. Beyond that, we will connect you with a new acquaintance. Whom will you share your table with? Enter the location and find out.

Picnic for Two

When it comes to how sunny days in early summer are spent best in Graz, the answer is simple: in the park, in the meadow, with some wine. We make no exception here. Register at the expo for relaxed meetings in the green that start right after lunch break and go until the early evening. Because it is always the random two of you, the free place on your picnic blanket is allocated by chance.

Coffee Tasting

Whenever a team accomplishes a task together, it’s joined by a feeling of pride and joy. Even more, when the task is about producing high-class coffee. Experience a taste adventure beginning way before the actual consumption. The innovators of J. Hornig have been importing the latest trends from all over the world for several years. They will show you what 2017 has in stock for coffee afficionados.

Where brands meet attendees

Meet, eat and explore something new on our 12,000 m2 Expo

From world-leading corporations to growing startups our expo connects brands with attendees. More than 120 festival exhibition partners showcase their innovations with us and use the two days to make valuable contacts.

International Media

Fresh off the press

Where influencers and opinion leaders meet. Premier media outlets and publishing companies join our festival, conduct interviews, present and discuss on stage and set agendas with us.

It’s more than a conference. It’s a two-day experience that is a must-attend in everyone’s personal development.

Philip Inghelbrecht Founder Shazam

Absolutely the best conference I have been to. I left this festival with a wealth of new knowledge and friends I expect to have for life.

Pamela Kaupinen Executive Director Marketing GQ

Forget everything you know about conferences. A disruptive format, incredible global performers and a tuned-in audience make this a truly stand out event.

Scott Morrison Fr. Marketing & Commercial Director Diesel

This festival connects some of the best people in the world together in one place.
 I heard ideas that will change the way we think. It was one of the best experiences in my life.

Melissa Rosenthal International VP of Creative Services Buzzfeed

2016 was my third year, but I can’t get enough. If you don’t know Fifteen Seconds, you don’t know conferences. Get your ass over to Graz in 2017.

Kei Shimada Global Director Innovation Dentsu

Finally an exhibition area that, for a change, isn’t boring. The festival delivers on its promises, with meticulous attention to detail.

Christoph Bauer Future Evangelist Allianz

The close connection between the speakers and the audience make it feel like one big family hanging out together and embracing the future. A truly amazing festival.

Franz Blach Design Director IDEO
The festival passes

Join 3000 curious minds and think ahead for a successful tomorrow.

Festival Pass

  • Access on both event days
  • Access to all Keynotes, Panels, Fireside Chats, Sessions and Case Studies
  • Breakfast, coffee, snacks and drinks
  • Access to the Expo Area
  • Reserved parking space
  • Access to the after-show party
  • Access to all videos afterwards
  • Phase 1 0 of 1000 left 199
  • Phase 2 0 of 1000 left 299
  • Phase 3 0 of 750 left 399

Festival Pass Plus

  • All Festival Pass perks
  • Access to the Speakers’ Dinner External location, exclusively for 100 international speakers as well as highly-selected invited industry-leading guests. Drinks and a multi-course menu included and randomly assigned seats after every course to meet new people.
  • Workshops with top speakers 90-minute workshops under the direction of an international expert, limited to 30 Plus-participants. One reserved seat included.
  • Access to the meeting rooms at the Festival Dedicated lounge area at the event venue exclusively for Plus Passes. A quiet space for business meetings with partners and clients.
  • Limited to 250 tickets 599

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