Any questions on 2017’s festival left? We have got you covered.

Event Date & Time

When does the Fifteen Seconds Festival take place and what is the duration of the event?
The Fifteen Seconds Festival 2017 takes place on Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9, 2017. On both event days our doors will be opened from 9am to 8pm. The after-show party starts on Friday at 10pm.

Location & Arrival

Where does the Fifteen Seconds Festival take place?
The Fifteen Seconds Festival takes place at Stadthalle Graz, Messeplatz 1, 8010 Graz. Find it on Google Maps: http://bit.ly/FS-Festival-Location

Arriving by car:
When coming from Vienna or Klagenfurt, take the highway A2 and the highway exit Graz-Ost, after approximately 1.5 kilometers you will arrive at the location. When coming from Salzburg or Linz take the highway A9 and the highway exit Graz-Nord, you will reach your destination after approximately 7.4 kilometers.

Will there be parking lots available?
Every ticket includes a parking lot and there will be enough available. The parking lot P1 Fröhlichgasse is located right next to the event location, no more than 2 minutes walking. You are welcome to leave your car here overnight until Friday (festival day 2), you can also leave it here until Saturday (day after the festival and the after-show party). The parking lot is also accessible during the night, in case you need to get something from your car.

Arriving by plane:
When flying directly to Graz, the city airport Graz Thalerhof (GRZ) is a mere 15 minutes drive away from the Stadthalle Graz. There are a lot of direct flights connecting Graz with Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich, among others.

When flying to Vienna, with many more international connections, the airport Wien-Schwechat (VIE) is a two-hour drive away from the Stadthalle Graz by car. Or you go for a three-hour train ride to Graz Hauptbahnhof, which is fifteen minutes away from the festival location.

We have teamed up with Austrian Airlines to offer special prices and conditions for all festival attendees. The offer is valid for a wide range of flights carried by Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss and many more). Find more information about our travel deals here: http://fifteenseconds.co/en/festival/travel/

Arriving by public transport:
The best way to come to Graz with public transportation is with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Destination: Graz Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). When arriving in Graz, just hop on the good old tram number 4 until you reach the stop Stadthalle. Please get out here.


Are there any changes when it comes to pricing?
Yes. We have made major adaptions to our pricing strategy with the aim to break the very last barrier for attenting our conference, reaching broader audience. For the first time our tickets are sold in batches rather than timing restrictions or early-bird specials. There are 1000 Festival Passes for €199 in phase 1, 1000 Festival Passes for €299 in phase 2 and another 1000 Festival Passes for €399 in phase 3. Furthermore, we introduced an additional ticket category for those who are eager to network even more and want to upgrade their festival experience to a whole new level: The Festival Pass Plus is strictly limited to 250 tickets, priced at €599 at any time.

How many ticket categories are available?
Two: the Festival Pass and the Festival Pass Plus.

What’s included in the Festival Pass?
The Festival Pass includes the following:

What’s included in the Festival Pass Plus?
The Festival Pass Plus includes all Festival Pass perks, plus these additional benefits:

Here you can find all additional benefits of the Festival Pass Plus explained in more detail: http://fifteenseconds.co/en/festival/tickets/

When do the respective phases of the Festival Passes end?
The three different phases of the Festival Passes (€199 – €299 – €399, 1000 passes respectively) are not time-bound, rather their availability depends on the demand. In a nutshell: As soon as the first 1000 passes for €199 are sold out, the next phase starts. And so on. You can view the availability in each phase on the ticket website and we will inform you when a batch is getting close to be sold out. We recommend you to subscribe to our community to not miss out on any important ticket updates: http://fifteenseconds.co/subscribe/

How do I get my ticket?
We will send you your ticket via email a couple of days before the festival. You can edit the personalized data of your ticket(s) until May 31, 2017 the latest. After this day (June 1, 2017) your provided data becomes binding as your final ticket will be issued. Please don’t forget to bring your ticket on your smartphone with you, if you want, you can also print it out. We also recommend bringing an official ID. Important: Please do also check your spam folder, in case you cannot find your confirmation or your final ticket.

Can I split my Festival Pass or my Festival Pass Plus so a friend or colleague of mine can attend on the second day?
No. The tickets are strictly personalized, there is no possibility for passing your ticket on to someone else after May 31, 2017. The personal data of the attendees will be printed on badges. To get access to the festival, you will not only have to show your ticket, but also the festival wristband, which you will receive at the entry on the first day. Only the ticket and the wristband in combination ensure your admission to the event.

Is my Festival Pass or Festival Pass Plus transferable to another person?
Yes, you will be able to transfer your ticket to someone else until May 31, 2017. This means, that in case you don’t have time or something unpredictable happens, you can simply pass on your ticket. After purchasing a Festival Pass or a Festival Pass Plus you will receive a ticket link, where you can edit your personal data (e.g.: name, position, company).

If something unexpected happens very close to the event after May 31, 2017 and you cannot correct the data in our system anymore, we offer you an exceptional solution. Here’s the deal: The person, who will make usage of your ticket instead of you, knows your data and proofs with his or her signature that he or she can use your ticket instead.

Are there single-day tickets?
No. We have been considering this but have decided not to offer single-day tickets. Our festival is designed as an 48-hours learning and networking experience in all of its aspects.

Can I cancel my ticket order?
A ticket purchase is always binding, which means that purchased tickets cannot be canceled or returned. However, there is the possibility to transfer the ticket to someone else (See above: Is my Festival Pass or Festival Pass Plus transferable to another person?). This means, that in case you don’t have time or something unpredictable happens, you can simply pass on your ticket.

Are there group discounts?
We are happy to offer group discounts starting at 10 Festival Pass Plus tickets. Just send us an email to hello@fifteenseconds.co and we will gladly put together an attractive package price for your group.

Are there student tickets?
Yes, we encourage young and motivated students to take part in the Festival and facilitate their participation through heavily discounted tickets. Student Passes are strictly limited and cost €99. They are solely available upon application. Follow this link to apply: http://fifteenseconds.co/en/festival/students/


What formats will be presented at the festival?
For the Fifteen Seconds Festival 2017 we have fine-tuned and extended our formats. You will now find 6 content- and 6 networking formats. Here’s the overview:

Content Formats

Networking Formats

Food & Drinks

Is lunch included in my Festival Pass or Festival Pass Plus?
No, lunch is not included in neither the Festival Pass nor the Festival Pass Plus. The reason for this change? Our new culinary concept, the Food Market. All-inclusive is not necessarily leading to the utmost satisfaction, neither to the best results. Probably you have already experienced this in various hotel complexes. Therefore, we will offer a wide variety of different cuisines for lunch. There will be something for every taste and every budget. The Food Market works with cashless payment only (credit cards). Remember: Breakfast, coffee, drinks and snacks are included in your ticket, both in the Festival Pass and the Festival Pass Plus.

Coat Check

Can I leave my jacket, bag or valuables at the coat check?
Yes, there will be the possibility to hand in items of clothing and bags at the coat check. However, we explicitly emphasize that we do not assume liability for the handed-in belongings.


Are there special accommodation deals?
To make sure your arrival comes packed with a smile in your face, we’ve partnered with hotels in several categories for discounted rates. Here you can find all the offers from our partner hotels: http://fifteenseconds.co/festival/hotels/

After-Show Party

Where and when does the after-show party take place?
The after-show party will go down on Friday night (June 9) and will start at 10pm. The location will be announced alongside of the attendees information a couple of weeks before the festival. We recommend you to subscribe to our community to not miss out on any updates: http://fifteenseconds.co/subscribe/

When ordering my tickets, I declared I would not attend the after-show party, but I have changed my mind now. Can I still join?
For sure. This information is part of the ticket ordering process and helps us planning and coordinating the after-show party. But it is not compulsory.

Can I bring a +1 to the after-show party?
No, sorry. To obtain admission to the after-show party you are required to have a festival wristband and therefore a ticket (Festival Pass, Festival Pass Plus, Press Pass, Startup Pass, Student Pass).


Will there be WIFI at the Festival?
Yes, all attendees will receive WIFI access. The login data will be communicated at several touch points.

Is there an official hashtag?
#thinkahead17 is the official hashtag for the Fifteen Seconds Festival 2017.

Where can I connect with Fifteen Seconds online?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wethinkahead
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wethinkahead
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fifteenseconds.co
Newsletter Subscription: http://fifteenseconds.co/subscribe/