Five interdisciplinary curated stages and a playground of creativity on 12.000m²: Here’s what awaits you on site.

Keynote Stage

Main stage with all topics Keynotes (20min), Panel Discussions (20min), Fireside Chats (20min)

The festival’s thought factory sparks inspiration over the entire range of topics and produces big ideas at a stretch. Interdisciplinary game changers from global brands share their expertise in three different content formats, each with a length of 20 minutes. Join them debating future-oriented trends and revealing the crucial factors of their success or failure.

Growth Stage

Marketing | Sales | Advertising Sessions (40min) & Case Studies (40min)

Which methods and techniques allow us to keep standing out from a flood of thousands of brand messages? What is crucial to advertising that makes a real difference? How do recognized thought leaders drive their companies growth while capitalizing on the digital age? The Growth Stage gives answers and deepens your expertise in marketing, sales and advertising.

Talent Stage

Leadership | Talent | Culture Sessions (40min) & Case Studies (40min)

What defines true leadership in 2017? How does the digital transformation form the workplaces of the present and the future? By which means can companies maintain a culture that makes talent willingly strive for the best while finding satisfaction in their jobs? The Talent Stage provides first-hand insights and broadens your knowledge in leadership, talent and culture.

Media Stage

Media | Publishing | Journalism Sessions (40min) & Case Studies (40min)

How does the dynamic consumption of content shape tomorrow’s media landscape? Which structures benefit new ways of value creation that make publishers and media companies keep on thriving in their core business? The Media Stage focusses on an industry that has been thrilled from the ground up and reflects solution approaches in media, publishing and journalism.

Tech Stage

Digital | Disruption | Technology Sessions (40min) & Case Studies (40min)

Where will new technologies keep on creating potential for brands and companies within an interconnected world? What will be the upheavals with the biggest impact on economy and society in the years to come? The Tech Stage gives an extensive overview on existing opportunities and highlights future prospects in the fields of digital, disruption and technology.