Die bemerkenswerte Anzahl an interdisziplinären Entscheidungsträgern, die bereits mit uns in Graz gefeiert haben, macht uns stolz. Ihr positiver Zuspruch ebenso. Weshalb wir ihn gerne herzeigen.

“The comradery between the speakers and audience made for great days of exchanges.“

Sebastian Tomich
Senior Vice President, Advertising & Innovation
The New York Times

“International giants of the industry get to meet, mingle and learn. An electric experience.“

Clive Ryan
Global Marketing Solutions

“This festival connects some of the best people in the world together in one place. I heard ideas that will change the way we think. It was one of the best experiences in my life.”

Melissa Rosenthal
Vice President, Creative Services

“Forget everything you know about conferences. A disruptive format, incredible global performers and a tuned-in audience make this a truly standout event.”

Scott Morrison
Marketing & Commercial Director

“It’s more than a conference. It’s a two-day experience that is a must-attend in everyone’s personal development.”

Philip Inghelbrecht

“I can’t get enough. If you don’t know Fifteen Seconds, you don’t know conferences. Get your ass over to Graz."

Kei Shimada
Global Director Innovation

“Designed to impress, inspire and allow for some of the world’s most curious and ambitious minds to connect. Absolutely the best conference I have been to.”

Pamela Kaupinen
Executive Director Marketing

“The diversity of topics and speakers was absolutely fantastic. It’s almost forcing you to think in an innovative way. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Joey Marburger
Director of Product
The Washington Post

“Unlike anything I’ve ever attended. I was blown away by the range of speakers. I learned so much and left feeling inspired.”

Taylor Newby
Social Media Manager

“I was blown-away with the quality of speakers, the community and the overall vibe and aesthetic. I will come back to this one for sure.”

Doug Perkul
Chief Marketing Officer

“A truly unique blend of first-class speakers, a stunning program of entertainment, technology and design. I would return anytime.”

Nico Rose
Senior Director

“This festival was simply amazing. I left inspired, engaged and with a whole new amazing set of contacts and friends.”

Stephen Gates
Head of Design