Fifteen Seconds is a company, brand and community that lives at the intersection of business, innovation and creativity. Founded to question the status quo, built to last, we are challenging the commercial future.

Powered by people

We founded Fifteen Seconds in 2012 to inspire, enable and empower people. Back then, we found out that what makes great organizations great is that they are powered by people. People that share a certain set of attitudes that makes them stand out. They inspire others, share what they learned and never stop learning themselves. And they use the power of relationships. We committed to build the community and space required to connect these people and facilitate new relationships and knowledge-transfer, all within an environment fueled by creativity and innovation.

This fundamental rationale never changed. By delivering action-oriented insights, know-how and skills to lead and build, we set out to redefine life-long learning for people and their organizations. What started 2012 as an idea on a piece of paper has since then grown into a community gathering thinkers and makers from all around the world.

We believe growth never happens alone and we are on a mission to create a positive impact through valuable relationships.