Our Manifesto

Why would we want a manifesto? Because culture happens. Whether planned or not, all companies have one. So why not create a culture we love? We believe a healthy environment empowers and enables people to do their best work and helps the company evolve and achieve its mission. Look at this manifesto as the operating system that powers Fifteen Seconds.

The Seven

We favor autonomy. The following seven principles all pay into empowering every team member to take responsibility, which is our top priority. These principles are based on being able to embrace failure, reflection and self-improvement. At the same time, they showcase our expectations for working with the team. We encourage everyone on the team to constantly improve themselves. We also use these as metrics to evaluate and reflect on a regular basis.

Work smart

We expect you to work towards goals, not checkmarks on your task list.

We want you to assess, prioritize and challenge your work on efficiency. Get stuff done, but be resourceful and always look for leverage. 

Write it down

Turn implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

We want everyone working with and for you to be able to relate and challenge procedures and solutions at any time.

Never stop learning

A smarter you results in a better company.

Strengthen strengths, weaken weaknesses. Learn something new every week. Tell everyone about what you learned and how you can use the newly acquired know-how.

Make homeruns

It’s not how you start that’s important, it’s how you finish.

Think and execute projects for the sake of the result, not the initial idea nor the journey.


Do what you announce and always try to exceed expectations.

Reliability is at the core of our values and the basis for the firm’s and everyone’s individual growth.

Bring up solutions

Come up with your best solution and be able to debate it.

Don’t ask how to do it,  rather use good judgement, consider proven success and invest some time to research, then present it.


Strive to do better, it will pay off.

Go one step further and try as hard as you can to achieve things that feel, read or work great rather than good.


We don’t think outside the box, because we believe there is no box. Sometimes it’s wise to think something through without the boundaries of the obvious.


We pay for values, not hours. Everyone on the team is self-responsible to judge when it comes to free time, vacation, daily time management and hours spent in the office.


Work hard. Rest hard. We value waking up fresh over working that extra hour. We always aim to be fully engaged in an activity, otherwise rest.

Our culture in a sentence:

A commitment to autonomy on the inside and the community on the outside.