Get to know
each other

Speaking from experience, random encounters can be life-changing. Our playful networking formats redefine ice-breaking and are designed to propel you forward.

Sound Forest
Take a break: relax in our oasis of calm away from the festival’s bustling atmosphere. Let the forest atmosphere appeal to all your senses and recharge your batteries before you continue to quench your thirst for knowledge. And, of course, you can also meet in our Sound Forest for a relaxed chat.
Experimental Brainstorming
There is a reason it’s called an experiment. We’ll take you beyond your limits, seeking a moment of surprise or exhilaration. Enter the unknown, and work in a solution-orientated team. When the floor beneath your feet drops out, your brain comes up with creative answers – because it has to.
Aquarium Meetings
The best ideas usually come when you step out of your usual routines. Meet other curious minds to brainstorm and use our Aquarium Meetings to network in an extraordinary and stimulating atmosphere. To jump-start your creativity, we’ve prepared little inputs for you.
Your network is your net worth
Connect Sessions
We think networking should always be fun. Our very own ball pit can really help make that happen. In this setting, a prepared set of question cards does all of the hard work for you. Maybe you get a surprising answer, maybe you’re both confused, and that’s how it should be because we’re all looking to have a conversation worth remembering.
Dinner with a stranger
On one or both festival days you have the opportunity to sign up for dinner at a local restaurant curated by us. You’re in good hands – we are well-informed about the delicacies our city has to offer. Beyond the food, we use the meal to connect you with a new acquaintance. With whom will you share your table? Enter the location and find out.
Two curious minds are better than one: meet with other attendees, speakers, and partners in our designated Networking lounge; get to know young talents in our Talent Lounge; and start networking before the festival even starts with our FS Match app that helps you find people with similar interests who would love to connect with you during the festival.
Tickets to Fifteen Seconds Festival
On June 10 and 11, 2021, we gather a global community of 6,000 thinkers and makers in Graz and get ready to take Fifteen Seconds Festival to the next level. Are you interested in being part of this future-oriented movement for curious minds? Grab your ticket today!