Driving positive change

Join the brightest minds in business, science, mobility, and technology as they share their ideas and drive positive change on stage.

Internationally-known speakers take the stage, pitch their talk in fifteen seconds, and get started. Are you hooked? Great, take a seat. Not your thing? Just move on to the next stage.
Five in 20
The name defines the game: 20 minutes of presentation time with a maximum of 5 slides shown. This allows for powerful speeches and highly curated content.
Interdisciplinary perspectives on tomorrow’s topics. Leaders from various industries discuss big ideas and solutions. Follow exciting debates the main stage as well as all topic stages.
Fuck-up Talks
Have you ever seriously fucked up in your career? Don't sweat it! These leaders have been there too. They’ll let you in on how they have managed to get back on track and what you can learn from their mistakes.
It’s all about content
Fireside Chats
They say passion never fails. We agree. Get fired up by enthusiastic speakers who share theirs. You’re guaranteed to leave inspired to dive into your next big project.
Twice as long as a keynote, so speakers can go in-depth with a topic. They present and then give the audience the chance to participate in a discussion. What’s in it for you? Valuable learnings for your personal and business development.
Case Studies
We are excited to offer our partnering companies the opportunity to present their product or service to the Fifteen Seconds audience. You’ll learn from their challenges through exclusive insights and experiences.
Our workshops are specifically designed and focused on delivering an interactive, hands-on experience where you can dig deeper. By limiting each workshop to 30 participants, your impact and outputs are maximized.
Tickets to Fifteen Seconds Festival
On June 10 and 11, 2021, we gather a global community of 6,000 thinkers and makers in Graz and get ready to take Fifteen Seconds Festival to the next level. Are you interested in being part of this future-oriented movement for curious minds? Grab your ticket today!