The Topics at Fifteen Seconds Festival

What we are going to talk about

Graz, Austria // June 15–16, 2023

Fifteen Seconds Festival unites 200 top international speakers on 12 stages under one roof. Learn more about our key topics for 2023.

Personal Growth
Personal Growth Stage
If you want to develop yourself further to get ahead in life and have more impact, you’ve come to the right place. Get new impulses for personal growth.
Marketing, Advertising, Media
Marketing Stage
We’re not only giving the stage to topics surrounding Brands, Campaigning, Public Relations, TV, Audio, Web, or the Agency Business—we’re exploring them in depth.
Diversity, Equality, Inclusion
Diversity Stage
Don’t we all want a more diverse, equal and inclusive world? That is why, on this stage, thought leaders will speak out and show how things could be different.
New Work, Culture, Talent
New Work Stage
Here it’s all about important questions and answers surrounding the post-modern world of work: How do you lead a new generation? How does a new generation lead? What changes lie ahead?
Sustainability Stage
Something has to change, we all know it. On this stage, we explore where the biggest potentials lie and talk about topics such as Green Tech, Plant-Based, Circular Economy, and Smart City.
Mobility & Transportation
Mobility Stage
Mobility is definitely one of the most interesting sectors for the coming years. That’s why topics surrounding Transportation, Logistics, Space, and Smart City deserve their own stage.
Health & Well-Being
Health Stage
Health has been a part of our program for a while, but this year we’re turning the spotlight on and taking a closer look at MedTech, Wellness, Pharma, and Drugs.
Tech Stage
The Tech Stage really lives up to its name, investigating developments such as Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, or NFTs and taking into consideration topics like hacking and cybersecurity.
Design Stage
A space for design: with topics including Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration, Photography, Interactive Design, Art, Fashion Design, Product Design, and Game Design.
Startups & Entrepreneurship
Startup Stage
Founders and entrepreneurs, this one is for you: Get valuable input on investments and pitching alongside product demos and showcases on the Startup Stage.
Sports Stage
The fast world of sports, to be experienced in two days, at one place: from outdoor to online, from mass to niche. Get ready for bright minds and real champions.