Who is it for

Who is Fifteen Seconds Festival designed for?

Stadthalle Graz, June 10 - 11, 2021

Fifteen Seconds gathers thinkers and makers from all over the globe in Graz. Learn more about the benefits of attending.

Empowering curious minds since 2014
Individual growth, shared success

Fifteen Seconds unites a global community of curious minds, from students to CEOs. We welcome everyone who is eager to learn, grow, and explore new ways of thinking. It’s the mindset of life-long learning and openness that allows us to gain skills and make contacts that enable us to build an exciting future.

Have you already found a passion that drives you? Fine. Meet the brightest minds across disciplines, learn from others’ successes and failures and improve in the area that matters most to you.

Are you currently looking to make a radical change in your career? Great. Connect with outstanding leaders and innovative companies who’d love to meet people just like you.

Business Area
Thought leaders from the fields of marketing, sales, advertising, leadership, talent, culture, media, publishing, and journalism explore ways for a successful tomorrow.
Innovation Area
From technological milestones in mobility, urban development, and sustainability to scientific luminaries from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and more—we make innovation come alive.
Creativity Area
With or against the stream? And where to does it even flow? Leaders from the areas of design, arts, and music share their works and present new perspectives, celebrating creativity in all its facets.
Tickets to Fifteen Seconds Festival
On June 10 and 11, 2021, we gather 6,000 thinkers and makers from all over the globe in Austria. Are you interested in being part of a future-oriented movement for curious minds? Then you just might want to grab your ticket today.