Josh Higgins

Executive Creative Director AR/VR Facebook

Josh is currently Executive Creative Director for virtual and augmented reality products and hardware at Facebook. This part of the company is focused on creating and shipping new, category-defining consumer hardware products. As a team, they drive innovation in the areas of AR and VR, artificial intelligence and connectivity. From 2013 to 2017 he helped building The Factory team where he was fortunate to work on a variety of projects from company and product identities, the Facebook brand book, brand campaigns and the personalized video program. Additionally, Josh has overseen Product Marketing creative for all verticals of Facebook. Over the four years, he grew the team and processes to a high-functioning studio producing a variety of work including launch films, websites, campaigns, collateral, and online/offline creative for Facebook's annual F8 conference. Furthermore, in 2013 he concluded his role as Design Director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign. As the Design Director, he built and led the creative team for the historic political campaign in which the web, design, and technology played a pivotal role. Before design, Josh’s first career was in music. As a Fender endorsed artist he spent over a decade recording and performing with the band, fluf. Over their time as a band, they played the first five Vans Warped tours in addition to tours with Fugazi, Jawbreaker, Rancid, Sublime and many others. After seven albums for both Cargo and MCA Universal Records, Josh returned to college to begin his design career.