Luke Wessman

Tattoo Artist Lost Art Of The Gentleman

Luke came into tattooing in the late 90s as a working class Southern California surfer. His career began apprenticing in a traditional style tattoo shop owned by legendary Dave Gibson, where he formed a solid skill base to become a great tattoo artist. Being homeless at 15 years old, discipline and patience challenged the young visionary, and drove him to reach his proclaimed “Self-Made” status. Throughout his career, he has ventured into various industries including fashion, television and streetwear, while always working to further develop his craft as a tattooer. For 10 years, he owned and operated a San Diego based Tattoo Parlor, and has worked with the best tattoo artists around the world. Luke has appeared on TLC’s hit reality shows Miami Ink and NY Ink, the cover of Inked Magazine, and as a guest judge on Spike TV’s “Inkmaster”. He now resides in Los Angeles and is a Master Mason.