Fifteen Seconds Festival

The festival for innovation and creativity

Graz, Austria // Save the date: June 14–16, 2023

We educate the other way: Grow your network and learn from the best in the world of innovation and creativity.

It’s on when it’s on

Tickets for Fifteen Seconds Festival 2023 go on sale this fall. Sign up here and you will be informed exclusively about the lowest-priced tickets of the whole season.

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Ideas over egos
Hall of fame
Curious minds from different professions share their vision of the future with our community. Each year, we bring 150 speakers from all over the world to Graz.
We educate the other way
Our story

Curious minds: To us, they are people who continuously and passionately engage with new technologies, practices, and approaches. They never stop learning and tirelessly face the future head-on.

In 2014, we created Fifteen Seconds as a global platform at the intersection of business, innovation, and creativity that has since brought together more than 30,000 thinkers and makers from these areas in Graz. Together, they’ve shared ideas, pushed each other forward, and helped shape the future.