Exhibit at Fifteen Seconds Festival

Stadthalle Graz, June 10-11, 2021

At Fifteen Seconds Festival, we connect innovative companies with a dedicated audience of 6,000 thinkers and makers from the fields of business, innovation, and creativity. Learn more about our possibilities for exhibitors and partner companies here.

Join a global network

Why leading companies partner with us
Iconic brands, tech pioneers, global leaders: Since 2014, hundreds of forward-thinking companies from different business sectors and industries have decided to join Fifteen Seconds Festival. For solid reasons.

Brand Awareness

Strengthen your brand image in an environment that is filled with creative power and innovative spirit and make your business tangible for future customers and an interested audience.


We bring together attendees from a broad range of areas and unite decision makers from more than 2.000 internationally active companies at our event. Use that leverage!

Lead Generation

6,000 visionaries from the areas of business, innovation, and creativity sound like a lot of sales potential for you? Then we should talk about how we can help you reach them.

Knowledge Transfer

Support your claim to leadership within your core topical area and enrich your presence at our festival with a talk on stage, in which you pass on your expert knowledge to our attendees.

Employer Branding

From ambitious young professionals to managers and executives: Our attendees are eager to shape the future. They come to our event for that very reason. And they get to meet companies with the same goals.

Product Launch

Is there a better environment for presenting your product than in front of a global community of early adopters interested in all things innovative? We don’t think so either.
Growth never happens alone
Partner success stories
Google has been continuously present as a partner from 2015 on and has put a strong focus on content ever since: Our festival’s Google tracks are amongst the crowd’s favorites and provide our attendees with expert knowledge. That’s why digital agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and growth units never miss out on their sessions.
Red Bull
What started as an energy drink giving wings to the people, has grown to a global media empire for content that provides adrenalin rushes shot for shot. Active as a partner since 2014, Red Bull has always come up with intelligent ways of activation at the festival and has excited our audience with creative lounge concepts and product launches.
Everybody loves the world’s leading furniture retailer for making DIY cool again. Our festival benefits from their Swedish charm since 2014 and presents the global leader on unexpected terrain. Thousands of social media impressions featuring their ball pit as a networking format on our expo area prove this.
Active as our official automotive partner for two consecutive years, Mercedes-Benz hosted the speaker shuttle service and enthused our attendees with test rides starting straight on the festival area. The outcome: new customers and brand ambassadors, particularly within the circle of our speakers from the USA.
We do stream our Netflix favorites via their servers, but that’s just one reason for Anexia being amongst the fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region. A central part of our festival since 2016, the Anexia booth gathers curious minds year over year. Smart and playful concepts of activation have left a strong impression.
Austrian Airlines
No matter whether it’s a business trip to a world city or holidays in beach paradise: Austrian Airlines flies for our smiles. Aboard since 2015, the VR lounge of Austrian Airlines at Fifteen Seconds Festival is a top attraction and allows for unexpectedly realistic flight experiences on the ground.
Build strong relationships
On June 10 and 11, 2021, we connect innovative forces with a dedicated audience. In case the former sounds just like your company, we’re happy to hear from you.