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Designed to drive you forward
What is a Fifteen Seconds Unlimited event?

Our events stand for inspiration, knowledge transfer, and networking opportunities in a highly creative and innovative atmosphere. We lay a focus on interdisciplinarity and bring curious minds together: from different areas of business, various age groups, and diverse backgrounds. They all share one common goal: to drive each other forward.

We are not ones for long speeches. That is why our speakers usually get their point across and to our audience in 20 minutes. Oftentimes, they deliver in front of a big screen, but there is not much of a limit when it comes to presentation—be it a talk, a keynote, an interview, a panel discussion or something experimental. What matters to us is that the audience is involved and can take part in the discussion.
Topical variety has been an important factor at all of our events since we have started out in 2014, and we always value an interdisciplinary approach. Consequently, each Fifteen Seconds Unlimited event focuses on an interesting topic that is examined from as many different perspectives as possible. Longer events with a greater number of speakers can also cover more than one topic. There are just three thematic no-gos: promotional events, as well as events with a political or religious agenda.
From thought leaders working with companies and organizations around the world to science luminaries to leading experts in the fields of economy, innovation, and creativity: we have made it our business to bring the brightest minds onto our stages so that we can learn from the best. Because who else do we want to learn from?
Keep in mind
A Fifteen Seconds Unlimited event does not:
  • have a political agenda
  • have a religious agenda
  • advertise or try to sell any goods or services
  • promote racism, homophobia, or any form of discrimination
Become a Fifteen Seconds Unlimited host
You want to be part of an international network and organize a Fifteen Seconds Unlimited event in your city? We are thrilled. Apply for a license and we get back to you with all relevant information soon.