Scott Morrison

Fr. Marketing & Commercial Director Diesel

Scott is a proud UK Northerner, growing up in Lancashire. He moved to London in 1995 where he fueled his passion for creativity at some of the world’s most demanding, creative and culturally diverse brands including Saatchi & Saatchi, Wieden+Kennedy, Nike, Levi’s, Activision, and Diesel. He now runs his own company called the Boom! helping global brands like Red Bull, Starbucks, Absolut, Virgin creatively problem solve and step out of the boredom of business as usual. Scott lives for ideas and believes that the right people, the right environment and the right tools deliver the great results every time. His passion is unblocking old ways of thinking, unlocking creativity and new ideas and unleashing people to create, thrive and go Boom! He writes regularly for industry publications and has been voted one of the “UK’s 50 Most Influential Black People” 3 times. In 2018, he published his first book “Creative Superpowers: Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity”.